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2017 DIGGA PD6 Auger Drive Unit suit skid steer loaders up to 115LPM flow [ATTAUG] for sale $3,139

Machinery Attachments / Auger Drives

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Title 2017 DIGGA PD6 Auger Drive Unit suit skid steer loaders up to 115LPM flow [ATTAUG]
Price AUD $3,139 price ex GST
Listing Type New
Stock Number ATT AUG PD6 ssl
Refcode TA804032

Digga PD6 Auger Drive Unit suit skid steer loaders up to 115LPM flow [ATTAUG]
Earth drilling digger 70-115 LPM Open flow. Work ready Package from only $3139 +GST.

Digga's PD6 drilling auger drive units suit skid steer loaders, Suit A6 / RC6 / DR6 augers from 150mm to 1000mm.

Ideally used for drilling holes for fencing, tree planting, house foundations, and more. Innovative design allows the gearbox to go down the hole to maximise drilling depth without extentions, eliminating downtime and minimises maintenance, optimising your returns. Digga planetary auger drives are fitted with Digga / Eaton bell motors specially designed for drilling and augering in most ground conditions.

Drilling in hard ground can cause movement of the tooth inside the pocket, The new TRULOC Triple locking system allows the tooth to be secured in 3 different ways:
1. PAD LOC-----Rubber pads vulcanised onto the tooth legs compress into the pocket cavity providing a firm fit.
2. RUBBER LOC--A rubber dowel is inserted through the pocket bridge. It folds back and compresses between pocket and tooth locking the tooth firmly into position.
3. PIN LOC-----A Nylon pin is inserted through the top of the pocket locking the tooth in place.

To suit Skid steer and Track Loaders: TAKUCHI TL250. TL12. TEREX ASV PT80 PT100. BOBCAT S330 S770 S850 T870. CAT 272C 299D. TOYOTA 5SDK11.
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Package includes:
. PD6-5 Drive Unit
. Set of 2.2m Hydraulic Hoses
. Set of couplers
. Fixed Multifit Frame & Linkage
  • Only $100 extra to upgrade to Slide Frame

. Overall Length------730 mm
. Diameter------------240 mm
. Weight--------------179 kg
. Max Torque----------5596 Nm
. Recommended Flow----70 - 115 LPM
. MAX Flow------------115 LPM @ 130 Bar
. Motor---------------2K Bell EATON
. Oil Pressure Range--240 Bar @ 60 LPM
. STD Shaft (Hub)-----75mm Square

. Direct Deposit / Cheque
. WHOLESALE PRICE-----------FROM $3139 + GST
. All Prices ex Brisbane yard.
. need finance: we have reputable contacts through all the major banks and finance brokers that offer competitive market finance rates. Brokers are available 7 days a week and are mobile to assist clients with their inquires

OPT AUGERS Options - ** The new TRULOC Triple locking system allows the tooth to be secured in 3 different ways.

A6 AUGERS - Tungsten MFT, for Heavy condition Hard ground, Clay & Sand stone.
. A6 150mm-----------$652.00 +GST
. A6 200mm-----------$709.00 +GST
. A6 225mm-----------$756.00 +GST
. A6 250mm-----------$761.00 +GST
. A6 300mm-----------$792.00 +GST
. A6 350mm-----------$857.00 +GST
. A6 375mm-----------$908.00 +GST
. A6 400mm-----------$943.00 +GST
. A6 450mm-----------$1125.00 +GST
. A6 500mm-----------$1163.00 +GST
. A6 600mm-----------$1371.00 +GST
. A6 750mm-----------$1663.00 +GST
. A6 900mm-----------$2272.00 +GST
. A6 1000mm----------$2647.00 +GST

RC6 AUGERS - Tapered Teeth, combination for Earth / Rock.
. RC6 150mm-----------$841.00 +GST
. RC6 200mm-----------$926.00 +GST
. RC6 225mm-----------$969.00 +GST
. RC6 250mm-----------$980.00 +GST
. RC6 300mm-----------$1007.00 +GST
. RC6 350mm-----------$1027.00 +GST
. RC6 400mm-----------$1206.00 +GST
. RC6 450mm-----------$1303.00 +GST
. RC6 500mm-----------$1384.00 +GST
. RC6 600mm-----------$1599.00 +GST
. RC6 750mm-----------$1979.00 +GST
. RC6 900mm-----------$2592.00 +GST
. RC6 1000mm----------$3019.00 +GST

DR6 AUGERS - Dedicated Rock - for Rock / Concrete
. DR6 150mm-----------$1045.00 +GST
. DR6 200mm-----------$1051.00 +GST
. DR6 250mm-----------$1107.00 +GST
. DR6 300mm-----------$1228.00 +GST
. DR6 350mm-----------$1327.00 +GST
. DR6 375mm-----------$1407.00 +GST
. DR6 400mm-------------$1729.00 +GST
. DR6 450mm-------------$2131.00 +GST
. DR6 500mm-------------$2420.00 +GST
. DR6 600mm-------------$2972.00 +GST
. DR6 750mm-------------$3791.00 +GST
. DR6 900mm-------------$4484.00 +GST

**Other Teeth / Pilot / EXTENSIONS options available upon request.

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. general inquires and direct internet sales:

. please call our office on 1800 074 466 to find out more on availability and approximate freight cost for delivery. Or send email to:
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